Thursday, September 04, 2003

God's Will

This is an interesting question, and I am not sure I will do it much justice. However, one place in scripture where it makes a statement about God's will is I Thessalonians 5:16-18, where it says pray continually and be joyful, this is the will of God...That is a paraphrase, but I think this relates to God being more concerned with who we are as people then what titles or positions we assume in our lives. Is there only one place I could be working right now and be "in the center of God's Will"? I don't believe so, however, it is kind of silly to look at it like that because we only have the ability to be in one place at a time, so how do you test it?

As far as selecting a career or whatever, I think there are tell tale signs that are given in our personal make-up. There is that quotation about your ministry being where your deepest passion meets the world's deepest need. I believe that God has given us interests and abilities that if we seek ways to develop and use those we will find a place to live out God's will. Relational ministry, genuineness in relationships, and living in community are very important to me. So I took my experiences in youth ministry, matched it with the needed education to be respected in the field of Student development, and bam>> Here I am living with 140 men, developing relationships, challenging my brothers to think, and encouraging them to minister to those around them. Am I in God's will? I think so. However, I still need to pray continually and strive to express the joy that I have found in my relationship with Christ...



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