Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Difference

hey guys, I think we have possibly talked about this some, but not on here yet, so here goes for a new direction...

What difference does it make to believe that the most significant reason Jesus came was for us to live this life. Many believe and live that their salvation was so they could go to Heaven. A pastor I heard about recently (big shock, I wasn't there) while preaching on hell that if Hell didn't exist, Why the Hell did Jesus come to Earth? While I applaud the use of swear words in sermons, this one just strikes me as weak. Perhaps it is just a sales strategy, but I think that this generation is going to be more likely to buy in to a remarkably different lifestyle in the here and now then the fear of hell. I believe in Hell, perhaps, not as physical as others, but I don't particularly believe that it is entirely an important point for the Christian walk.

Do you guys see the difference, do I need to elaborate more? Sure both are positives, but what is primary? I think for more Jesus coming to give me life to the full as the primary reason speaks to me more, because it is real daily. The primary being salvation from Hell encourages the Christian consumer mindset, or "Vending machine God" thoughts...let me know what you guys think.



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