Sunday, August 17, 2003

Hell Doesn't Matter!

So, Christ died to reconcile us to God. If he didn't die we would have no chance for reconciliation, and without that chance everyone would still be seperated from God. Hell, by definition is ETERNAL seperation from God. A life that is not reconciled to God is a life that will suffer from ENDLESS emptiness. I believe that this is something worth talking about. I don't know that it's something that we should use as a "scare tactic" but rather a promise of a VOID being filled FOREVER!! We can phrase it however we want, but the Gospel at it's core is about a life being reconciled to God for ETERNITY!

Christian. I am a Christian. Oh, no wait. That phrase has too many negative implications. Now I'm a CHRIST FOLLOWER, why because I want to follow Christ in His Mission of reconciliation. Now let's see what happens to the term Christ Follower. While it's a clear description of what I want to be, it's very obvious that this will only defame the name of Christ in the near future, when people begin to understand that Christ Followers are the same as Christians. You know my contention is that we're too worried about how "we" look as a group. I'm pretty sure that the Church is going to be flawed until the return of Christ, but the one place that we can make a difference is in our own lives. We can live a life of purpose, one that is true to the Gospel, and one that values people. We as Christ Followers waste a lot of our time on crap that doesn't matter, from movies to music to "ministry", and way too little time focusing on reconciling others to Christ. If we were seriously concerned about the hear and now, or even Eternity, we would be pouring more of our lives into reconciling others to Christ. I'm afraid that while we are able to point out what is wrong with the "Christian Country Club" that is the CHurch, and yet all we want is a cleaner version of that Club. The church becomes what it is meant to be when it is doing what it's made to do! Are you ready for a REVOLUTION? If you are, get involved in the ministry of reconciliation, if not try and figure out how to fix what's wrong with the church, that should take you through the rest of your life.

Sorry if that was to hard. It wasn't really directed at anyone on this site, but rather what I'd like to say to the whole stinking world. I understand that it's hard to get the mp3 of the sermon online so I've linked to it over at my under utilized Worth Talking About . I'd love to discuss what's in it. Keep it real!


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