Monday, August 04, 2003

Setting it down and walking to see it from a different perspective

I agree, Brian, that the sanctity of marriage needs to be protected and that the act of homosexuality is a sin. I have no desire to try to argue anything to the contrary, where I may challenge is on the media's coverage and how that impacts the church, which I believe is vital.

I don't think the media is looking for us to "screw this up". I think they would see it differently. Because to buy into this makes the church "p.c.", which is how the media would love us to be. A church that is attempting to win political prestige and influence more than living Godly lives has put itself in a lose-lose situation. We have been playing the National "rich young ruler" when we have been called to be the global "good samaritan". We have been attempting to create systems at a national level that is the platform that makes us Godly, instead of getting out there and doing it. In the process, the church has become irrelevant in the only way we can ever be relevant. I, obviously don't mean this at a local level, but rather at the level of the court of public opinion. We have gotten caught up in a moral and political battle of power, where I am not sure we were ever expected to be. Jesus could have set up a Christian government while he was here if that were His intention. Our relevance is to be the changed life that Jesus intended Not Christians that have Christian idols, but instead don not have idols, not Christians who Christians who materialistic, but only for Christian materials. No- Christ wants us to not chase riches. When we have set up a system that is political in nature, the Church screwed up. Right and wrong is not open to the decision of the majority of the masses, but we have set up a system that tells the media that it is. Doesn't that seem wrong. It makes the church look like just another big social club...Like the Master's tournament that would not let the women in, you know what I mean...Maybe I am just babbling, but it makes sense to me.

However, don't ask me for the better system. I think one is possible, but we are just at the beginning of post modernism, it will take time to figure it all out.

So how heretical did I just go? Let me know.

Peace and love


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