Sunday, July 20, 2003

Movies as a vehicle...part II

I believe that Dusty was one hundred percent correct when talking about movies being an effective means of distributing the gospel to the masses. I do however disagree with Dusty's thinking beyond that. I really doubt that Jesus would do much differently in his ministry if He were walking the earth today. We see that Jesus surrounds himself with twelve guys and basically pours himself into these guys. Lot's of people start hearing about what's happening, and they begin hanging around him, you know in the market place, or on hill sides. Jesus never really tried to attract the HUGE crowds; they were just naturally drawn into what he was doing. I seriously doubt that Jesus would ever try to make a movie. It would be a waste of time and resources, and when you break it down; He would loose the personal contact that comes from doing real ministry.
I do agree that almost all the Christian movies ever made have been really crap-tastic (I say "almost all" because I do realize there may be a Christian movie that was well done that I haven't seen yet, but come on, I really doubt it). While I'm sure that there are Christ followers in the film industry that feel called to make films that depict the Gospel message, I think the worst way to do that would be to package as a "Christian Film" (see Left Behind and the Omega Code). The only suckers that are going to shell out the $7 are Christians that already think this is a great idea. News Flash, you don't reach the lost with things that appeal only to the found (which I know Dusty believes as well).
I would say that the most effective way to use movies as a vehicle for the Gospel is to find the ones that have elements of the Gospel in them already. Films that speak truth, intentionally or not, and use them as discussion starters. Christians that think "if only we can get 'the world' to like OUR movies or OUR music" are missing the point. We must stop trying to fix the world with OUR form of their stuff, and start using their stuff to express His TRUTH.


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