Thursday, July 24, 2003

Moving onto Ministry...

ahh... Mr. Brinneman, so nice to have someone from the real world chime in. Honestly, you rock my socks off sir, I really enjoyed reading what you had to say, nicely done. Your thoughts on the movies were right on I'd say. Now on with the disagreements. To say that Jesus wasn't intentional about the ministry he did would be about as far from the truth as I think one can get (I love the fact that we can make crazy bold statements just to prove our own point, all thanks to blogger) Everytime Jesus talks about why He's here, He expresses purpose. Not to go all "Biblical Evidence" on your hienny, but let's take a look.

-John 10:10 He came to give abundant life
-Luke 4:18,19 To bring Good News
-John 3:16-17 To demonstrate God's Love
-Matthew 20:28 To Sacrifice Himself for Others
-Luke 4:43 To Help People Understand the Kingdom of God

So, I don't really buy the fact that Jesus was like, "hey a crowd is around me, well I guess I should tell them something about dad's character." I believe that every single thing Jesus did, he did for the purposes expressed above.
I will buy into one thing that Ty was getting at with the Life of Jesus, and I think this is teh key to life as Christ followers. I do not ever think that Jesus thought of his life as a ministry. I think that Jesus thought of his life as a life that he had to live for the purposes outlined above. Ministry is something we "do" for God, thus it can appear as a labor or duty...and if ministry is doing our duty for God then that means that Jesus did his duty 24/7. We see that and we just think of this amazing martyr who couldn't ever have to to just live, you know. THerefore following Christ's example, is impossible. However when we realize that Jesus did all he did because it was all he was, we realize as Christ followers that is all we "should" be concerned with. Living out that purpose. It's kind of like that idea about "doing" church vs. "being" church. It's time we stop "doing ministry" and start "living life." No more with the "christian this" and "christian that", let's get on with just being Christ followers in all our life and stop trying to "redeem our actions" by ordaining them and start living our lives with the purpose laid out before us, after all, He did bring us into the mix as his ambassadors of His in the "ministry of reconciliation."


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