Friday, August 01, 2003

The Christian Ghetto

I guess the cheap definition is not really a place, but a mindset or lifestyle that continually wraps you into only a "Christian" way of thinking. I think it is a fairly narrow understanding of Christianity, legalism as to what a Christian looks like, whether it is supported by scripture or not (drinking is largely taboo, if not blatantly sinful in and of itself in many denominations, however gluttony is conveniently overlooked...) It also involves developing a subculture, (note it is really not a counter culture). The Christian subculture copies the world and edits it of any offensive content, unfortunately, most creativity is lost in the process as well. As I have mentioned movies are not counter culture, they are just cleaned up versions of the same crap. Music, uhh, gross. I now have a friend that has been hanging out in Nashville and has learned a lot of the Christian music industry, let's just say that people would likely be appalled. But the ghetto mindset clings to Christian literature, music, and movies instead of actually becoming discerning and engaging of the popular culture that exists.

Jake, I think your insights on the scripture are very interesting. I love your passion for people to truly understand what the scriptures say on different issues, so I appreciate your posts on here.

Brian I hope that answers your question. I agree with your ideas about the Christian college. I will post more later about how I think Christ has truly called us to be different. I am not sure it involves not drinking, smoking or swearing necessarily, I think those things all have the ability to be "false advertisements" (thanks conner o'berst) of a follower of Christ.


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