Saturday, July 19, 2003

Movies as a vehicle for the Gospel

While reading through A New Kind of Christian I was struck with the idea of how Jesus' approach to ministry would have been different if he were doing his ministry on Earth right now. Parables were effective about 2000 years ago, but currently movies seem to be the type of media that would reach the masses. Christians have attempted to use film as well, only it seems that nearly all, ok all, Christian efforts have been second rate at best. I guess my thought is that I think Jesus would be willing to create better films that is more genuine and real about how people are. The non-Christians in Christian movies usually tend to be only different because they skip church or smoke or something. They tend to oversimplify the state of humans and then sometimes add a lot of fundamentalism to the Gospel. I think Jesus would do better at accurately portraying how people really are, Christians and non. I think that this type of film is a vehicle that would do a better job at communicating the Truth of the Gospel to a world that is separating itself from the Church at an alarming rate. Perhaps, there is something here that could be further informed by Nouwen's idea of the Temptation to be Relevant, but I will let Brian and Andy use this as Springboard to get started.



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