Thursday, December 23, 2004

The other evangelical magazine has it too

The Huntington/Open Theism controversy has been picked up by Christian Century as well. Here, the inaccurate quote by President Dowden has been left out. This article serves as a better introduction to the situation than the CT article, so if you're forwarding the issue onto those who don't know about it yet this is the one to send. Also, Brian you're merchandise gets a plug, although tribute is given to the on-campus students for making it instead of our wonderful gathered alumni here at midwestmindset. Maybe we should write a letter demanding a correction and a plug for Brian. I have been thinking about writing a letter to CT and CC to try to push the issue a little further into the spot light. Also, I think we should consider getting in contact with US News and World Report and let them know that they should be careful about ranking Huntington so high next year. Anyone know anyone there?


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