Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The First Ever Midwest Mindset Bracket Throwdown!

Hello to one and all and welcome to the open invitation for the first ever Midwest Mindset Bracket Throwdown!

This is an open invitational which means that anyone at all who stumbles upon this information can join our Bracket Throwdown. Specifically, however, I will be very dissapointed if the MWM principles are not involved. Beyond that, the more people who sign up the more people I can beat!

To sign up follow this link:

If you already have a CBS Sportsline account than it will be real simple. If not, sign up for one and then proceed to the league page. The all important password for signing up for this particular league is:

That's all the info you should need! Feel free to spread the word and make sure you sign up before the tournament starts! In other words, due it now! I will post updated standings here by rounds.

The winner will receive the great honor of being the King of Queen of all of the Midwest!


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