Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Faithless Living

Jonny asked me to expound on this a bit. Which I feel obligated to do, because if Jonny thinks it is worth talking about, than I know I have touched on something worthwhile...

My question is somewhat in response to the idea of "freedom not being free" and our new friend who questioned our lack of support of the troops. Is it simply faithlessness on the part of believers to support war? A lot of people look to the Old Testament to justify their war positions. However, I think it presupposes America as the new "chosen nation", for one. For another, it presupposes that our leaders our capable of knowing the willing of God...I am not quite comfortable offering that level of trust to any presidential administration I have witnessed.

I believe it also presupposes our form of Civil religion is a faith that God reacts, respects, and responds to. I think that is hard to believe. If our main point in war is to "protect our way of life", then we have to be living in such a way that Christ is evident in that way of life. I doubt any of us would believe that on here. We are the most conceited, wasteful, destructive culture this world has ever known, and we are only getting worse. This has nothing to with the Christ I see.

So, if we see the need for military to protect our way of life, does that indicate a faithless life?


At 11/24/2005 8:21 AM, Blogger Dan Baker said...

I appreciate your further explanation. And there is a lot of truth to what you are saying. But, As I wrestle with it I think about all those passages that tell us to obey the government and authorities, because God has given all authority. Now I am not trying to argue that we are teh new chosen nation. I think that God stopped doin that. But then what do you make of the fact that the people that God has put into power(worldwide, throughout history, not just good ole USA) have produced many wars. Now, depending if you lean more towards a determinists or freewill view, you may answer that differently. But either way, I am sure it woudl be hard to prove that whenever a leader advocates war that leader is immediately lost their favor with God, or that God even had a lot of favor on that person to begin with.

I wrestle with the fact that most of us, in the severely comfortable life we live are very naive to the purpose of war in life. I am not sure I know what it is but, it seems that it has always been apart of human history.

More specifically about the idea of faithlessness of war that you speak of... I think that if we relied on our military forces to be the security in our lives then we are in fact being faithless. But, I don't think that it is contra-biblical to be thankful for the safety and security that we do notice and enjoy...

At 11/24/2005 10:10 AM, Blogger Dusty said...

To support our security, do we support the evil done in the name of war? How do Christians support this.

I also find it interesting how we use the idea of respecting authority to justify all sorts of evil acts. Perhaps, God is waiting for us to call people evil not for their stance on homosexuality and abortion, but on how we treat the power and underprivileged in our society.

Where does civil disobedience play a role? Should slavery have been supported? Or Child labor abuse?
There has to be a limit to governmental support, and I think it is for things other than certain, specific moral behaviors.

Good thoughts, Dan!

At 11/29/2005 2:36 PM, Anonymous Damon Barnum said...

ok, i understand and accept your points. Here is my question. What do we do with the Saddam Hussian (sp?) and Hitler types who are killing be the room fulls, oppressing and starving people so taht they can live as many only imagine. Don't we have a duty as Chrsitans to stand up and help these people? I don't tihnk I can even entertain the thought that just loving hitler or talking things out with Saddam will work. What to do?


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