Monday, November 14, 2005

22,000 Dollars!

Okay I promise I will stop posting money amounts after this. But my parents have collected around 22,000 dollars! This blows my mind. When I first appealed for donations I figured maybe we could get 5,000 or something. I second Erinn's optimism. My faith in HU and surrounding community has been partially restored. Wow! The 500 families living in the village of Bab, now have been given a chance at new life! But there are still more villages that have not been reached and in some ways the situation is still very grimm as the first snows of winter have started to fall. Anyway, thank you for you hard work and for caring a least a little (or a lot).

Meanwhile it seems to be getting crowded around this lil website, huh? That's exciting. Too bad, I am leaving tommorow for a remote village with no electricty for two months. Oh well, I will talk to you guys later I guess.

Oh and I got this amazing package from friends which including many good good things, but now I fully acknowledge that the New Sufjan is amazing! I wish I could have participated in Sufjan week now. Dang


At 11/19/2005 11:47 AM, Blogger Liza said...

Hey Paco,
One time on my blog I stated that listening to Sufjan Stevens reminded me of being trapped in your head. Perhaps trapped isn't exactly the right word, because it was a very pleasant experience.

Give it up for Bab!


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