Monday, October 03, 2005

DaVinci, Edison, and Roman Karas

Yes, this is my first post here. I thought it would be appropriate to share a story of my favorite midwesterner; my father Roman.

Never in my life has anyone presented my father with a problem he couldn't fix. VCRs, DVD players, automobiles, stock trades, real estate transactions, immigration issues, and intra-ministry disputes: he's the man you talk to.

Here's the conversation that just took place between us. A genuine Midwest Moment.

Bryan: "Leonardo DaVinci was amazing wasn't he. This guy was into everything... and he was right on for most of it. Pure genius."

Roman: "Kind of like Edison? Is that what you're saying?"

Bryan: "Yeah, exactly. A meticulous scientist and inventor. Edison was amazing, too. I read a biography of his last year."

Roman: "Huh."

Bryan: "Did you know he was born in Milan, Ohio?"

Roman. "Yep.".... long pause.

Roman: "But where was Edison born?"

I love my father.


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