Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Given the success of Sufjan Week 2005, I've decided to decare this month Baseball Month. How could I not, I mean baseball is off the chain right now, and many of us have some sort of vested interest. Hear me out.

*Brian lives in the OC and the Angel's are going to win the AL west.
*I live in Cleveland, and with any luck the Tribe's going on either the central or wildcard.
*Jake, Dan, Ryan, and Johnny live in chicago and thus are all hardcore WhiteSux fans (except maybe Johnny, see below)
*Dusty lived in Boston and has been to Fenway more than anyone I know.
*Finally, I've been in what was Johnny's boyhood bedroom and saw posters of Yankees of the past (I believe there was one of Don Mattengly's mustache)

I think there's still a National League too!

So here's what I want. Post and tell us why your team is better than mine. You know Wahoo v. Rally Monkey, WhiteSock v. RedSock and let's just hope the Yankees don't have anything to say about the matter.

I will report to you tomorrow night from Jacob's Field (or at least directly following) after a huge TRIBE win!

Suck it Rally Monkey!


At 9/29/2005 9:28 AM, Blogger adam said...

I feel so left out Andy, but that's okay eventually even this wound will heal. In the mean time I still consider myself an Indians fan, but honestly don't follow Baseball much these days. I don't get to the TV often enough, and the Indians are never on in a town where they already have two teams. So though I cannot name a player on the team these days I hope the Indians do well.

Additionally, I hope the Sox win their first series in the playoffs. They've had a great season (well at least the first half was great), and it'd be nice to see them finish out well.


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