Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I propose that you all get a copy of the three main articles in this month's Harper's magazine and we post on it together. You can't access these articles online so you'll either need to go buy a copy of the issue (borders sells them), go to the library, or give me your address and let me mail you a copy. The cover article is "Soldiers of Christ" consisting of two parts, I. "Inside America's Most Powerful Megachurch" by's Jeff Sharlet about Ted Haggert (pastor of New Life church in Colorado Springs and head of the National Association of Evangelicals), II. "Feeling the Hate with the National Religious Broadcasters" by Chris Hedges (author of highly recommended text War is a Force that Gives us Meaning). There is a third relevant article by Gordon Bigelow called "Let There Be Markets" on the relationship between Evangelicals and free market economics. As a collective whole the articles address aspects of evangelical culture that rarely are looked at by those within or outside evangelical Christianity. So if you want a mail copy e-mail me your address, otherwise I expect you all to purchase and read these in the next week or two.


At 4/28/2005 3:43 AM, Blogger Jeff BBz said...

well i guess that counts me out. if you want to mail me a copy I can comment on it in like 2 weeks, maybe. I really wish i could because I want to talk about NRB (national religious broadcasters) soooooo bad and wonder what he's got to say, having been a sweet award winning insider like myself and jonny, i've got the juice. oh well, i lose.

At 5/05/2005 1:02 PM, Blogger brandong said...

Here in Wisconsin, Kathleen Dunn did a very interesting interview with Mister Hedges about the rise of the socalled Reverend Dobson. It was truly frightening to think that people could be so narrow minded and frankly, outright dangerous in their way of thinking. For those who haven't seen the article, it diplomatically points out how close the radical Christian Right has advanced towards open fascism. I'm not sure, but I think yu can find the ineterview in Wisconsin Public Radio's archives. It was broadcast last week, bewteen the 25th and 29th. By the way-when you do the search keep in mind that WPR has two networks. One is the Fine Arts Network which gives us classical music, Jazz, NPR, and Fresh Air etc. The Other one is the Information network which gives us interview programs. The Host you are looking for is Kathleen Dunn.


Brandon A. Geraghty


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