Saturday, March 26, 2005

Check this out right now!

I came across the best blog ever tonight. It's called FoReVeR iN lOvE, and it belongs to Alan, a 12 year old from Singapore. Here's a sample, but you have to check the whole thing out and encourage him to post more often.

"Shermin, Pamela, Wenyi and Kenneth are my younger bro and sis..... I am the oldest among them..... Kenneth is the second eldest, followed by Pamela, Shermin and Wenyi... Kenneth lyk his 3 meimei before..... We say they are in a 'Brother and Sister relationship'.... Kenneth is a very 'Hua Xin' boy.... U say lah, how can a brother and a sister stead..... People will laugh at them... Among them, i lyk Shermin the most *(lyk means i lyk her as a sister)Not love...... Shermin is a veri sensible person..... She is also a smart girl.... Lastly, i hope the five of us can go into the same Secondary School. "


At 3/28/2005 1:11 AM, Blogger jonny said...

I love it.


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