Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Next Big Voice in Christian Music....

For those looking for more evidence that Christians are constantly failing to validate their existence in relationship to the broader culture, I give you Inspiration Sensation. Airing every Saturday night at 8 pm CST on TLN, Inspiration Sensation is the Christian attempt not to fight American Idolatry but rather to create our own Christian idol. Some how we all managed to miss the first season of this program, as their already tracking down the second future voice in Christian music. Claiming that the best singers are church kids, these guys apparently are going to the wrong churches because most of the singing is terrible. Ok, it's not that bad, but the show sucks. Picking out their favorite SCC, Point of Grace, and Geoff Moore songs, the contestants do their best to mimick their secular counterparts on Fox, however doing it as badly as possible. The problem with Inspiration Sensation is that Fox also takes church kids, and usually the good ones.

The host of the program is Dan Willis who, from the best I can tell, founded and pastored a church at the age of 16 that "continues to thrive and reach all nations and generations. With over 29 cultures, their motto is aptly, "Chicago's Bridging the Gap Church"." wow! Of equal concern with good singing is moral living for these kids. One of my favorites, Brandon Holt, "refuses to “sell out” and wants everyone to know by the life he leads that he is a man of Integrity. " Another good contestant is Melissa Santiago who,

"if selected as the 2005 Inspiration Sensation, would express her faith in Jesus Christ by Living louder than she sings. Melissa says, “Faith without works is dead," so she plans to act on her faith and walk by faith daily."

Funny, someone else said that too...

My favorite, however, is Sam Perkins:
"In college Sam states he disconnected from God, everything he swore he wouldn’t do he did. Sam now states, “God grabbed him by the collar and told him he was done”. He got into a drunk driving accident….with himself, that was the wake up call. Sam says, “the best day of his life”. Within one month Sam was looking for opportunities in youth ministry. God called, he listened, Sam says never again will he assume or ignore God. God’s latest call for Sam is music. He is pleased to follow where God leads. His hearts desire is the same as God’s. Sam would like to end his bio with this thought…..”We make our plans, but God directs our steps”. "

While you all scramble to check your local listings, I'm waiting to hear back about my seat request for April 30th show. If i get to go, the scoop will be posted on here, no doubt.


At 3/28/2005 8:38 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Is this program funded by the Coalition of Red States? Just curious. Instead of using the term "Christian" and it's antitheis "Secular", we should change it to "Red" vs. "Blue". It somehow sounds more spiritual.

Jake...I promise you this..i'm gonna start posting and contributing to the blogging mayhem we started a couple years ago.

Oh...don't be hating on Geoff More. "Jeff's with G's" are bad to the bone.

At 3/29/2005 10:43 AM, Blogger Dan Baker said...

The only redeeming quality of this show seems to be the Network that it is aired on. No, I don't know anything great about TLN. But, I doubt that much of the 'secular' population really watches this station. Nontheless I share your embarrasment. I do give props to the Youth Guy on american Idol. He did a good job and I think gave teh best witness he could. (YES, I watch the show, UMM, My wife makes me watch it.....)

At 3/31/2005 3:10 PM, Blogger Jake Sikora said...

Does anyone involved with this blog not watch American Idol? How about Andre Federov still being on? What a shame, huh? Good thing that country girl got cut. My money's on the mohawk-fro girl but she keeps getting in the bottom three. too bad.

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