Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Blessed Virgin

If you haven't heard, there's a real live miracle happening in Chicago. No, I still don't have a girlfriend, this is even better. The Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared on a wall at the Kennedy Expressway underpass at Fullerton Ave. Check out channel 5's website for the best coverage, including a remarkable slide show. So here's the scoop:

"Obdulia Delgado said she was driving home along Fullerton Avenue on April 10 after getting off work at St. Elizabeth Hospital when she saw what she believes to be the Virgin Mary on the wall. She quickly pulled over and examined the form, and then began praying.
"Monday through Friday I go to school and Saturday and Sunday I work, so since I haven't been able to go to church, I asked her, 'Please help me with school because I'm having my finals,' but I felt like she was like, 'If you can come to me, I'm going to go to you,'" Delgado said."

She eventually took her husband and he too believed. After talking to their priest about it (and writing her name on the wall), he assured them that they should believe it if they wanted to and not to let critics make them feel bad about it. The Catholic church, having a few more pressing matters to attend to, haven't had a chance to respond yet, and rumor has it they take their time on these sorts of things. But seemingly the rest of Chicago isn't taking their time about it, taking sides and lining up. Traffic has been shut down at this intersection because so many people are lining up every day to see the blessed virgin, offer prayer, and leave candles and flowers.

I've been by the site but am hoping to return in the next couple of days to take pictures and spend some time talking to the people there. Now Adam, I'm sure you've been camped out there for the week, so I'll try to find you when I visit.

There are honestly hundreds of people there from morning until night. Here's what one visitor had to say about it:

""We're here because the Virgin Mary is on the wall, and she's inside the wall, and we were just curious, but at the same time we're scared, wondering why she's there and what the meaning is of her being there," Annette Byrd said."
Here's the thoughts of someone who has obviously been trained in theology regarding the issue:
"Many of the faithful who believe in the marking said it's all in what you choose to believe in.
"If this is something that is going to help someone have faith, then that's great," said Irma Elderado, of Chicago."

I'll see you all there when you plan you visits.


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