Friday, March 18, 2005

random thoughts

A few quick thoughts that may garner discussion. Bono is out in his World Bank job, being replaced with someone who is much much worse. Wolfowitz is a neo-conservative militant who will probably suggest further invasions and attacks on poor countries. More importantly, it gaurentees that forgiveness of billions of dollars of international debt for poor countries is as far away now as ever, despite the fact that Bono and Wolfowitz did have a sweet meeting.

May 14th issue of Time. The End of Poverty is a book that I assume is what N.T. Wright referenced in that interview that has been referenced on here several times. The May 14th issue of Time had an article on Jeffery Sachs theory about how to end poverty in 20 years. This book is a must read for everyone, and the article is good too. We should be giving this to everyone we know, especially rich christians.

For those of you who haven't heard, Stan Grenz died last weekend. Links to several good tributes are available here. Stan was a theologian of great skill, validating evangelical theology in broader theological circles. I have heard unconfirmed rumors that he was interviewing for the Evangelical Theology position at Harvard, which is saying something. Anyway, Stanley died oung in many ways, and had much more theological work to do.


At 3/18/2005 3:09 PM, Anonymous joey said...

Grenz was apparently starting work on the post modernity issue.....he could have brought a lot of light and perspective on the topic

At 3/21/2005 9:29 AM, Blogger Jake Sikora said...

Grenz's work is all centered in the postmodern situation and as such he has already offered much to this issue. Directly addressed in "Beyond Foundationalism," "A Primer on Postmodernism," and "Renewing the Center" Grenz offers the best (only?) good evangelical perspective on the issue from a theological perspective.

At 3/25/2005 8:31 AM, Blogger Jeff BBz said...

my grandparents were good friends with grenz's parents. which pretty much makes him my uncle. I'm the best! and i live in afghanistan.


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