Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Political Message of Jesus

Hey everyone.

I know that it's been a long time since I posted anything on MidwestMindset but it's mostly because it's been awhile since I've had anything to post about. That changed today when I recieved an e-mail from Matt Jones who is a good friend that is currently touring the country with his lovely wife Steph in a silver Dodge Neon. I'm going to post the e-mail and I beg of you... Please throw up some comments with your thoughts.

Matt Jones to me
2:29 pm (1½ hours ago)
What's up dude. Hey I have a question to fire at you and if you and get some sincere feedback from you and some of your blogging homies if they have time. Since I am computer illiterate, I don't know how to post things for feedback. I had a great discussion about Jesus this morning with someone who is passionate about politics and justice but doesn't believe that Jesus is Lord. Bringing up the idea that I feel that Jesus' message was a political message was news to them. I was downloading the discussion in the shower (of course alone at this point) and I had some things come to mind that I would like some feedback on.

Was Jesus message overtly political (which would mean that he had a intentional political agenda with political symbols and actions) or was he committed to a unique message in which the ripple effects of his message reached the political arena, not to mention all of the other social "sectors." It may seem like a splitting hairs type of question but for some reason it was at the heart of our discussion because then we are talking more about the political aspects and implications of Jesus' message as
opposed to his actual political message. Maybe it is a "both/and" situation.

You know, do we as followers of Jesus want to make political statements with symbols of the kingdom and the love of God and/or do we live out the message the best way we know how knowing that it may or may not have great political implications. Or, maybe these things intersect somewhere in the middle. Like when Jesus does bold things (flipping tables) would you say his motivation is a political message or is he passionately responding in love and obedience to God and it just happens to have political implications or both. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

world cup minute

So Germany lost to Italy, and France is set to play Portugal soon. I think its time to review what we've all seen, not so much in highligts but through emotions. I came into this world cup following the U.S. squad like I never have before. If you head over to and go to the U.S. section they can keep you daily up to speed. Well, to say the U.S. was disappointing is an understatement, but I think I damned myself ahead of time because I was too optimistic about the situation.

With that said the game of the tournament for me was Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweeden. Shaka Hislop was a freakin beast in goal. Other good games were Germany's 3-0 routing of Costa Rica, Australia's comeback win, and of course Argentina vs. Mexico.

As a U.S. fan all we really have is Brian McBride playing bloddy versus Italy, and Clint Dempsey drilling the ball into Ghana's net. More memorable though were Kohler's early strike, Claudio sending one off the side post, Eddie Johnson sitting on the bench against Italy, Bruce Arena holding up his arms for the millionth time to contest a bad call, Cladio giving up the ball like a kid in a U-8 league in suburban Indiana, and Landon Donovan not taking the wide open lane and shooting in the final minutes of Ghana.

In four more years I'll be glued to the TV again, and hopefully the U.S. will show up in South Africa. For the moment lets just hope Portugal can win it all, and become the first team outside of the powerhouses to do so.

MM Quick Poll

Because I'm tired of Pat Riley on the top of this webpage, which are better: Trees or birds?

I say tree-birds, which are sort of like transformers, I guess, because they have the ability to megamorph between mighty trees and flighty birds. But unlike transformers, they are not robotic, nor are they made of metal, nor do they speak.

Okay, I guess they can speak. But only as trees, and only telepathically.


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