Monday, August 20, 2007

So, As life moves along I thought that I was becoming the type of guy that likes to get into a good routine for my day/week.  Nothing wrong with that, its probably a good thing, right.  Well, this past 3 weeks I have been in a pretty good routine in life. (I know its only 3 weeks) It has been very consistent, which is what you want in any good routine.  I get up at the same time, spend some time with God, wake up my wife, and we have a great mornging talking and connecting as we get ready to go to work together.  Great!, right? Well, for the most part ya its great.  But Now I am noticing my self getting bored with the routine.  I found myself thinking last night, I don't want to go to bed, even though I'm tired, because then I am just going to start this whole thing all over again.  Yet what honest individual can say that they don't like to have some things in thier day that are predictable.  You wana have some idea that you know what you are getting into each day.  So I decided that I need an un-routine.  I need to allow for soem unexpectedness in my day, or plan in some things that kind of shake things up.  Or maybe next week will be different... 


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