Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MM Quick Poll

Because I'm tired of Pat Riley on the top of this webpage, which are better: Trees or birds?

I say tree-birds, which are sort of like transformers, I guess, because they have the ability to megamorph between mighty trees and flighty birds. But unlike transformers, they are not robotic, nor are they made of metal, nor do they speak.

Okay, I guess they can speak. But only as trees, and only telepathically.


This is what you people get when no one posts on this thing.


At 7/05/2006 11:57 PM, Blogger Jeff BBz said...

Hmm since i think tree birds kind of don't count i would say birds. Because of thier ridiculous faces. but then again trees have ridiculous bodies. Man i just don't know. This is the match of the century, absence versus being there.

At 7/06/2006 5:35 PM, Blogger Jake Sikora said...


At 7/07/2006 9:03 PM, Blogger Erinn said...

strangely, without reading this post, i just finished a series of paintings involving a tree and a bird. the tree turned out much better than the bird. thus, i pick trees. plus, trees seem nicer than birds. highly rational. i know.

At 7/08/2006 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous! I am Leah--one of your Midwest Mindset partners!! Unfortunately, I cannot remember my password or user name, and I requested that it be sent to my e-mail, and it continues to not show up in my e-mail. SO I CAN'T BE COOL AND POST OFFICIALLY. BOO.

I pick trees because both my father and my future husband's father sell trees, and they get bigger and prettier than birds, especially in the fall.

At 7/15/2006 2:31 AM, Blogger Liza said...

I pick birds, because trees can't move. I like moving things.

unless you count ents. maybe we could just redo MM to look like LOTR. and we could all be hobbits.

or maybe forget I just said all that.

At 7/19/2006 6:55 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Hey ya'll. remember me? its mike fitz, that slacker from HC. im out in Cali right now but ill return (sadly) to the midwest soon. but hopefully not for too long. oh, id say its a toss up i mean if your an old tree then your strong and probably cant be moved and thats very respectable, but if your a bird, i mean the possibilities are almost endless


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