Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One for the thumb.

For the hand labeled "head coach," at least.

While he might have the grossest haircut in the NBA, Pat Riley is the most beautiful man in the world right now.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good News for People that are Everyone!

Good News, You guys! Perhaps God does exist:

The QRIO Robot! Pronounced, "Curio"

Not the best pitch, but in a few years...

Awesome in Chile too!

From Sony:

"QRIO knows your voice. It can determine who is speaking by analyzing the sounds it hears with its built-in microphones. Call to it, and if it knows you, it will notice you and respond. If it doesn't know you but mistakenly thinks it does, you can teach it your voice and it will remember you..."

"QRIO was designed to understand spoken words. The seven microphones in its head identify a person's voice and the direction from which it is speaking, and even pick out the words it says. QRIO can even understand the voices of unidentified speakers. It knows tens of thousands of words already, but can also learn new ones..."

"QRIO can have an entertaining conversation with you. It analyzes the words you speak using its voice recognition technology, and responds in its own words. It will ask what sort of things you like and remember them, getting to know you better all the time. Since it uses those memories in future conversations with you, the more information it has the more full and natural a conversation you can enjoy. QRIO knows a wide variety of things, and loves to talk about them. As it hears the things you like, it will come to match its conversation to you."

"QRIO has its own emotions -- and expresses them in a variety of ways, such as through its movements, actions, sounds or colors [Colors! Just like humans!]. Sometimes, since it has its own emotions, it might not do something you ask it to do [Haha! Sounds annoying!]. It's all part of the mystery of QRIO."

Unfortunately it has been discontinued for now due to the estimation that for a consumer to purchase it would cost around 65,000 dollars. But i would've gotten it! So Here is a farewell video. I am not sure if the singing is from the robots or not, because it sounds like it could be and they are supposed to be able to sing. But in anycase its one of best songs ever and a little sad:

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Miami In 6

Finally. Finally. And Finally!

Finally blogger and their stupid little outages are a thing of the past, clearing the way for an important philosophical debate concerning feats of strength, fortitude and skill.

Upholding a long-standing tradition of MMers waxing ineloquently on professional sporting events, here come the predictions. Of course, of course -- the primary purpose of this website is our ongoing discussion about doing theology in the Midwest. But being a blog created by the likes of Andy, Dusty and Co., we'd be remiss if we didn't come down from our Ivory Towers every once and while and talk shop. Specifically, the NBA Finals, my babies!

Miami in 6 games. Jason Williams is no longer a joke. Antoine Walker has found a home. Shaq looks likes he's 27 again. And nobody but nobody can stop Dwayne Wade in the lane. Dirk's good. Terry's got game.

But come on people. Miami in 6.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Reason to Like the Warren's

This link is pretty interesting regarding the AIDS epidemic. Some of the dialog is what you would expect. I wonder if Beth got to read this before it was submitted to CNN?


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6/6/06: Awesome Quotes from the Day of the Beast!

Most of these quotes are from everyone's favorite "news" site, midwestmindset resource, and source for Omen jokes: The BBC.

"Among the actual Satanist community, attitudes to the big day vary. Rev. John D Allee is the founder of the First Church of Satan in Salem, America, which split from the original Church of Satan 12 years ago.

"I plan to take Lillee, my High Priestess, to the opening of The Omen movie," says the self-styled Dark Pope. "Then it's out for dinner.'"

HAHAHAHA! I can't believe this is real and not like an Onion article or something. Same Article:

The Temple of Set takes a more solemn view...Louise Renard is a priestess and assistant to the executive director in London. "There is nothing significant about that day or that number" she says. "Unless the new Omen movie turns out to be better than expected."

Omen Jokes!

"Meanwhile, Vexen Crabtree[Can you believe that is really his name? HAHA!], the Minister of the London Church of Satan, plans to go to one of the alternative clubs that are celebrating 06/06/06. "...any excuse for a party is a good one." [Hopefully that party includes watching the Omen]

Crabtree dissociates the Church of Satan from the Temple of Set and the First Church of Satan, saying it is the only Satanist group that is "sane and worthwhile".

He says any Satanists who actually worship the Devil, rather than revering "Satan" as an abstract value, are "immature, unstable and nothing to do with us"."

Hahahahahaha! This is the best article ever! I love Satanist Controversies and Omen Jokes!

The article has more points of interest but I will finish it with this tidbit:

"At the other extreme, some Christians have foretold dire events. Tom Chase, a New Age Christian writer from the US, has used astrology and the Bible to calculate that the antichrist will emerge, followed by an asteroid collision and within a year or two the battle of Armageddon. The antichrist, according to Chase, is Vladimir Putin [of course, the antichrist is always eastern european, just as foretold in Revelations]."

At long last, Astrology and the Bible will join forces against the russian government.

Finally, amidst all of our intense and spirited debate here at mwm, I've found something we can all agree on:National Day of Slayer: June 6, 2006 (6/6/6)

So I propose as per slayer's suggestion that we "Stage a "Slay-out." Don't go to work. Listen to Slayer."