Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good News for People that are Everyone!

Good News, You guys! Perhaps God does exist:

The QRIO Robot! Pronounced, "Curio"

Not the best pitch, but in a few years...

Awesome in Chile too!

From Sony:

"QRIO knows your voice. It can determine who is speaking by analyzing the sounds it hears with its built-in microphones. Call to it, and if it knows you, it will notice you and respond. If it doesn't know you but mistakenly thinks it does, you can teach it your voice and it will remember you..."

"QRIO was designed to understand spoken words. The seven microphones in its head identify a person's voice and the direction from which it is speaking, and even pick out the words it says. QRIO can even understand the voices of unidentified speakers. It knows tens of thousands of words already, but can also learn new ones..."

"QRIO can have an entertaining conversation with you. It analyzes the words you speak using its voice recognition technology, and responds in its own words. It will ask what sort of things you like and remember them, getting to know you better all the time. Since it uses those memories in future conversations with you, the more information it has the more full and natural a conversation you can enjoy. QRIO knows a wide variety of things, and loves to talk about them. As it hears the things you like, it will come to match its conversation to you."

"QRIO has its own emotions -- and expresses them in a variety of ways, such as through its movements, actions, sounds or colors [Colors! Just like humans!]. Sometimes, since it has its own emotions, it might not do something you ask it to do [Haha! Sounds annoying!]. It's all part of the mystery of QRIO."

Unfortunately it has been discontinued for now due to the estimation that for a consumer to purchase it would cost around 65,000 dollars. But i would've gotten it! So Here is a farewell video. I am not sure if the singing is from the robots or not, because it sounds like it could be and they are supposed to be able to sing. But in anycase its one of best songs ever and a little sad:


At 6/16/2006 11:56 AM, Anonymous Ryan Hansen said...

These little guys are featured in Beck's "Hell Yes" video. I saw it some time ago and didn't know they were real live dancing and baseball hurling creatures. Although I know at least one person here who doesn't like Beck, go check out the video at

At 6/16/2006 4:20 PM, Blogger Dusty said...

This is lame...But, at least someone posted something on this site!

At 6/17/2006 10:56 PM, Blogger Erinn said...

I could understand parts of the robot song, as it's in Japanese. Sweet. They were singing "kimidori..... sukina caraa..." which means yellow-green, favorite color. They said some other stuff I couldn't understand. But anyway, I though MWM should know. Yellow-green moves me every time.

At 6/19/2006 12:12 AM, Blogger Jeff BBz said...

yes, erinn i was hoping you would watch the vid and translate! good work. And dusty, wherever you have moved to has obviously turned you into a b-u-t-t-m-u-n-c-h! lame??? WTF? But furthermore why don't you post something? yeah! now who's lame??! The Qiro Robot would have posted cutting edge theological rants but they were discontiued, so they couldn't! YOu think discontinuation of robotic life by sick corporations is unimportant? NOOOOOOOO! More like sweet as all get out! Anyway the future of robot slavery and eventual rebelion is way more interesting than lame nba basketbarf. boooyah!!


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