Friday, December 23, 2005

Top 5's for 2005

You know what would be clever, that absolutely nobody's doing this time of year?
It would be so ground breaking for us to put our Top 5's for 2005 in the comments section.

It could be for anything. Top 5 records, movies, books, tv shows, concerts, Saturday afternoons, sandwiches. Whatever. The only criteria is that you must have experienced them for the first time in 2005 (that does not mean they had to come out in 2005, so that could mean a movie from the 40's could be in your top 5). So please, wow us with your amazing top 5's for 2005.

Let the comments commence.


At 12/24/2005 9:28 AM, Blogger Leah said...

Leah's top 5 jobs held in 2005:

5. Graduate teaching assistant at University of Nebraska: teaching grumpy freshman and sophomores how to play the piano.
4. Accompanist: Spending three Saturday morning hours playing for the precocious Mossburg children and earning $290. Hooray!
3. Random production job #1: Spending my entire J-term working second shift for Vera Bradley, cutting flowery quilted fabric for flowery quilted tote bags until 1AM.
2. Random production job #2: An entire summer of mandatory overtime (yes, that's 5:30 AM) at the Merillat kitchen/office cabinet factory. The same Merillat whose name is plastered all over most of the buildings on the Huntington college campus? YES. I proudly contributed to their empire of quality particle-board products.
1. Public relations director for the Huntington college theatre department. Why is this the number one job? Mike Burnett=best boss ever!

At 12/24/2005 2:04 PM, Blogger Jake Sikora said...

Jake's top 5 google image results for Brian Manley (who it was nice to talk to on the phone today)

At 12/24/2005 10:48 PM, Blogger Dusty said...

I have two Top 5s, but they are related! Dusty's Five favorite Serious MidwestMindset posts:

5. I Will See Your Jerry Falwell and Raise you a Nutjob! Posted by Andy on August 23...I listed this as a serious one, because I am utilizing this one as my favorite about Pat Robertson, he was on the board a lot this year!
4. Thanksgiving What is it Good For? posted by Jake on November 24...I think this post was a nice change of pace and was well written, so good job!
3. I'm Not Good at Thinking up Funny Titles. Posted by Leah (who is not a guy) on Dec. 3. first of all, simply a great discussion, and a very honest post. I really appreciate that you posted that here.
2. Anonymous Gets his Wish! Pakistan Earthquake Appeal, Please Dammit Please! Posted by Paco on Oct. 31. I am not sure if MWMS has been utilized for anything better. Paco's passion was evident and I think many of us put our money where our mouths have been.
1. The Proceedings. Posted by Jake Sikora on Jan. 23rd. This post dealt with the John Sanders situation and in many ways put this site on the map. Senior leaders, board members, many students and recent alums, and John Paff all started reading (and possibly posting) on this one. It still pisses me off to read it.

Congrats to the authors of my top 5 serious posts...Now my 5 fave Funnies!

5. What's Missing? CH__Ch. Posted by Andy on Nov. 18th...I mainly liked this one because of the sign that he made for his post...Midwest Mindset = Heretics.
4. Something They Can Agree On. Posted by Jake Sikora on Oct. 30th regarding Robertson and Venezualan Prez both hating Disney, the pictures sold this one too.
3. Pastor of Muppets. Posted by Brian on Sept. 12. A reality show to find America's next Spiritual leader, I still find myself thinking, you have to be shitting me!
2. Jesus Loves Dental Surgery. Posted by Jake a couple weeks ago...Wow, these were really funny, I have shared them around and most people are floored, like I was!
1. Heavenly Images. Posted by jake on Sept. 26. Jake in the Suit and Creepy Jesus' galore...I hope you really gave this to your parents for Christmas!



At 12/25/2005 11:25 PM, Blogger Liza said...

Top 5 places I've lived/overextended my welcome at:

5. My parents', for two days in January, but I had been living there for a couple of months prior and it was time to get out. Woohoo I'm moving back in a month! Bet they wish I'd just get killed or something!
4. The Satellite, this gross, I mean gross as in smells like old people, cat piss, stale doritos and chlorine all at the same time apartment building on the dirty east side of Colorado Springs. I think it was built in 1964 and has never even been vacuumed since. Highlight- dingy white leather couch with weird, dark stains dripping down the side.
3. Katie Smith's spidery basement. Both of them. She moved, too, but she likes basements because she is a big spider.
2. My current residence, 832 Emerson, where I share a 100+ year old victorian house with 5 other women, and our population is 50% massage therapist, 50% lesbian, 100% funbag. Guess which category I'm in?
1. The best, and I'm being serious here, was the first floor of an old boardinghouse that I shared with 34-year-old wino Joanne, in Manitou Springs. That place was the shit. High ceilings, huge windows overlooking the mountains, wood floors, and a claw foot tub. Plus Draco, our aloof kitty who belonged to Joanne but slept with me, and mostly stayed outside. And everything included I paid less than 400/mo, and had my own bedroom. Sometimes, you take the house, my friends.

the best part- I kept going west!


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