Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Revolutionary Christian killed

Some of you may have already heard, but Brother Roger, the founder of the Taize movement in France was stabbed during a prayer service yesterday. The murder occured during a service with 2,500 people in prayer together, according to the BBC. The Taize movement emerged in 1940 emphasizing the need for all Christians to come together in peace, love and reconciliation, during a time when the world was at the height of war and making peace came through violence, not prayer and mediation. In addition to creating a place for peace and eccumenical dialogue, the Taize movement has often amazed North American evangelicals because of the remarkable impact the movement has had on youth from around the world. Showing that often the most relevant thing for young Christians are the ancient prayers and practices of the church, the Taize movement received youth visitors from all over the world. While only a few North American evangelical churches have copied the ancient style of this movement, even our context that is addicted to technology and "the new" has been impacted, as youth have traveled to Taize and Taize books, CDs, and videos are purchased and implemented into some of these services. My previous post about the future for the man of peace comes to mind again to me, as Brother Roger lived as a man of peace in the midst of war. Surely there is a future for such a man as this.


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