Friday, July 22, 2005

This is what I was a part of last night...

While not particularly fitting in the recent "HC/U meeting grounds for existential/theological distress" posts, I thought you would all like to hear a bit about my evening last night. Fellow MMer Dusty was visiting and we went to check out the Sox vs. Sox match up going on on the South side. On the ride home, we were just about out of the underground portion of the red line train when the train stopped suddenly, the power went down, and we were told there was an incident on the tracks and things would be shut down for a bit. According to the Tribune, it is unclear if my train hit a dead body or a live one, but either way, there was a body on the tracks, and our driver was out with her flashlight investigating the incident etc. while we all waited inside the train. Since we were in the front car we had a little insight into what was going on, but I still thought that maybe there was a bomb threat or something shutting down the system because there'd been a few of those lately. Anyway, after 30 minutes or so they escorted all of us out this sweet secret escape hatch and through these stairs and out into the middle of nowhere west side chicago which was especially funny because this police officer told us to "follow those police officers" up a block and shuttle would be set up or something but as we walked we all realized there was no police officers to follow, and we took a cab home. God bless the CTA!


At 7/23/2005 10:31 PM, Anonymous Ryan Hansen said...

I saw those sweet escape hatches on the internet. Sounds like the moral of the story is never ride the red line up from a Sox game. When I went to a game last month a drunk guy got hit by the arriving train at the sox/35th station and we sat there for an hour waiting. It was crazy!


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