Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Worship things

Here's something else. I don't know if any of you check out this blog ever but it's pretty interesting. Read over the two articles on worship:
"Attention Journalists" and "The Plugged-in revolution"
There's some interesting things about worship here. I guess that the quote from Barna really gets me going since I consider transactionalism to be anti-Gospel and here it is setting up at the center of worship...

"What we know about Americans is that we view ourselves first and foremost as consumers," said Barna. "Even when we walk in the doors of our churches what we tend to do is to wonder how can I get a good transaction out of this experience. ... So, what we know from our research is that Americans have made worship something that primarily that we do for ourselves. When is it successful? When we feel good."


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