Saturday, May 01, 2004

why not?

Remember Why Not? What a great idea. Hey everyone, I haven't stopped by for a while because I didn't know what to say. I mean, I tried going all "what's really on my person (rejecting the mind/heart dualism)" but no one cared and that was different. Or, rather, I was only speaking to myself. When the only other relevant post dealt with the Passion, which I have not seen and mostly have offended people in talking about it, I decided to 'unplug' from anything obviously Christian for a while. And here I am again. I guess my question is this, based on the last few posts.

For Dusty: i agree with jonny's vague complaint that we too are engaged in full time activities but find the time and care to search through what's going on in the rest of the world. The rest of this applies to brian and andy and anyone else reading; is it not your duty as an RD or minister or simply a Christian to be engaged in the world outside of your context? If not, why not?

I will try to only talk about things in the context of this blog that are easily accessible and not obviously theological or philosophical. In the meantime, I suggest we get talking about something because I'm guessing all of us will be better at our full time activities if we're talking. So, Jonny, I'm still stuck on the avoidance option with the passion and, like every other fad around these sorts of places, it has mostly passed on with the exception of Sunday morning references. It seems like it was placed within the context of the lenten season and just as easily as we forget Easter the monday after we have left this film in storage until next year. Jonny may be interested in looking at the following article in the chicago tribune and the backlash that has come about from it:,1,977279.story?coll=chi-leisuretempo-hed

To everyone: what does it mean for you to have a perspective outside of your context? How are you doing this? What would it take for something like Iraq, the addition of countries to the EU, or the poverty within your own towns to get into your field of vision? How can we teach sociology, study theology, or minister to people if we're not looking beyond our time and place (as in 2.30 this afternoon in my apartment)? Is it just me or does anyone else see the contradicition (i know this is vaguely philosophical concept) between what we're all doing and a refusal to look outside of our context? Finally, perhaps we should invite some other people who are interested in talking about these issues but not in immediate contact with each other and thus looking for a place to talk. Any ideas? What the hell are any of you doing anyway? Andy, I know that you've got some things in your ministry you're excited about and other areas you're looking for help. Dusty, I know you're trying to stradle a couple of fences with Sociology and student D that could have some interesting questions. Jonny, I have no idea what you're doing other than reading the internet and teaching computers. Brian, i don't know even know if you're still alive. So, everyone can answer my previous questions, talk about the passion, invite someone else to talk about something, or simply tell everyone what's going on. Here's to the beginning of the summer of love!


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