Friday, April 02, 2004

Video Killed the Radio Star

"I'm just getting more confused as I type, so I'll try to keep this brief. Popular culture today has a counter-culture that's not always the church. For every group that we could identify as "other" in America (the poor, the sick, drug users, homosexuals, the IRS, radical greens, vegans, the porn industry, professional soccer players), there is a counter-cultural group, that while not involved in those actions or states of mind, chooses to defend those involved in such actions/lifestyle choices. So the problem is, in a culture which embraces pluralism, is there such a thing as the definitive "other" anymore? Liberals don't see another class when they see the poor, abusive, etc., they see themselves (or rather, what could have happened to them under different circumstances)."

Andy, Brian and I also all have extremely time consuming full-time jobs and wading through this kind of stuff does not interest me at all. Perhaps this summer I will have more time again and will start getting back into it. Until then, you and Jake can talk about stuff that no one else understands...

The Stupid Hick...


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