Saturday, May 01, 2004

Here's Why... (at least for me)

Hey Guys. Here's the deal. There has been a reluctance to post on my part because I really have been busy, but not too busy too think about what was being talked about on this message board. For some who post on this board writting is something that flows out of you almost as easily as exhailing. For me it often takes work. I really want to contribute to the conversation on major issues, but sometimes I can't because I don't have the time, brain power, or words to really express what I'm thinking on the issues at hand. Basically, I want to post things that mean something, and for me that takes a little more work than it does for others.


Now, let me address what it will take for things that aren't in my wheel house to catch my attention. It takes me being aware. Let me explain what an easy life for me would be. It would be me waking up, going to my job, doing my job, going home. Sure my job takes a little interacting with people, but it would be very easy for me to head home, do a little reading of something I bought from the Anchor Room, and go to bed, peacefully, thinking that all was well with my soul. For me to be affected by something means that I have to care about something other than myself.

Now, it is natural to assume that someone who is in the business of people (sociologists, ministry, res life) is in the business of caring for people full time. The difference between doing my job and caring about things outside of my wheel house is that one is the easy road and the other takes work. To be informed about the issues that are taking place across the ocean or even across the street one has to take time to move past the here and now of their dailly life, responsibilities, or personal relationships and look for where there are needs, hurts, pains, desires that need to be met.

I wish that I could say that I make the choice to care at all times but I can tell you honestly sometimes I can't get past myself, my current situation, how I feel, or even that I just don't care. That is NO excuse for not caring though, and I believe it is integral to my life in Christ. Furthermore I think IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY AS A YOUTH MINISTER TO BRING THESE ISSUES BEFORE THE STUDENTS I AM MINISTERING TOO. I have seen how exposure to peoples needs, hurts, pains, desires has changed and shaped students from my ministry in very real ways. Ways that I believe will last a lifetime, and even spur them onto things that I never thought students would be interested in.

Last year I took 5 kids from our high school ministry to inner-city philidelphia. We had an opportunity to work with all sorts of people while we were out there and were exposed to all sorts of things. Just last month we took a trip to Butler, PA and worked with inner city kids. There were 4 students who went on both of those trips, and one that was affected dramatically by the situations they saw their fellow man in places they've never seen anyone in. Because of these trips she has decided that she is going to spend her life working with inner-city kids. The most amazing part is that she is in the process of getting plugged into an active ministry in downtown Fort Wayne with kids right in her own community.

I know that youth ministry in a church on the North West side may not be considered the nobelest of callings to some who read this, but I know that's where I'm called to be, without a doubt in my mind. If that is true, and looking for a way to help cure injustices is key to my relationship with Christ (as well as all the other followers of Christ) it seems as if this is key in being obedient to Christ.

On another note, I think that it is impossible to be aware of and battle against all injustice. At times I think that we think that people who are not passionate about the things that we're passionate about don't "care enough". Every now and then I think that people confuse a sure calling with apathy for all other endevors. I think we have to bring issues to the forefront so people are aware of these injustices, but we cannot judge the heart of individuals in service to others based on what we have decided are important. I may have just dispuited my previous point, but oh well...


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