Sunday, February 08, 2004

Bullet Points

Word. Jake told me 'bout ya'll, and I spent an hour or so catching up on what you guys have been talking about. And since I have an opinion on everything, I had to say a few things about everything. They are:

Film & Gospel - Okay, okay. Andy's right in saying that Jesus wouldn't have made films if he were ministering today, but only on a technicality. Remember, Christ taught for three years, then caught the A-Train out of here. Your typical film has about a year of pre-production, three or four months of production, then, depending on how many effects shots there are, another three+ months of post-production. That's about half of Christ's three year ministry. But, that doesn't mean his disciples wouldn't have gone to Hollywood. (Bartholomew probably, he always struck me as a pretty boy.)

Jesus and Gay Bishops - I still don't know what to think of this one, especially since it's a mainline denom. that really doesn't adhere to Scripture all that much when it comes codes of morality. But, I would argue with Brian(?) that homosexuality (as an issue) is not going to be the next abortion. For one simple reason, abortion is already the next slavery. Slavery was legal in the American colonies and the US for over 200 years before it was outlawed, and that even took a civil war between citizens of the US; not some pretty piece of legislation or a Supreme Court decision. The issue evolved for generations, and could has evolved for many more. It took an actual war for it to be (abruptly) made illegal. It's indicative of our instantaneous-gratification culture that we're already looking for another moral fight (gay marriage, cloning, stem-cells, etc.) when the abortion fight is still in its infancy stages. Not that we can't fight all these at the same time, but it sure makes it hard to focus when we elevate one or the other whenever public policy debate makes for great fundraising drives over in Colorado Springs.

RIP: Postmoderism? - 1) PM will never be the dominant culture in the US for two reasons. The rural midwest and the deep south. 2) It took two World Wars and human rights abuses in Soviet Russia and China to kill Post-Enlightenment Utopianism, not a bunch of carefully reasoned, academic arguements from philosphy and the Bible. Experiencing the abuses of said Utopianism brought it down; it might take the same for PM to fall. 9/11 was probably only the beginning of the end for PM. And we're probably in for a long death.

"Hey God, you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning" - God "forgetting" has nothing to do with knowledge or lack thereof. It's simply pre-Enlightenment, Eastern, Hebraic, poetic language. Does God forgetting our sins mean that such knowledge actually leaves him? Not the point you ninny-minded Westerners! (Though it would make it hard for him on Judgement Day before the ol' white throne.) It means, that for all intents and purposes, it is as if they never existed. We're not reading a 20th century textbook on endocramtic hyperpreterbolic contusion-stasis theory, we're reading the Gospels.

That's it for now. I've got a whopper of thoughts to post about the Christian 'hood, but they'll have to wait, as will a response to Jake's last post, which needs to be reread maybe three more times before I can figure what he's saying (just kidding....mostly).

Psycho killer, kess-ka-see, fa-fa-fa-fa-fa, fa-fa-fa-fa-fa!


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