Thursday, January 15, 2004

"Who's The Gospel REALLY For

Since we've generally ignored this site as of late, I thought I would try and get some conversation started again. The question I've decided to focus in on is "Who's the Gospel For?" Everyone who has contributed to the Midwest Mindset are spending their time living out the gospel in different places (or at least we have passions that are directing us that way). We're passionate about White Bread Midwestern Kids, College Students, Urban Kids, the Mentally Disabled and the Poor. Each one of us is passionate about the place we're at (or going). The question is, is there a "best" place for us to be living out the gospel? I'd like to hear responses from everyone on this one. Lay out all you've got. If you're passionate then you've got an argument, so shout shout, let it all out!


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