Sunday, March 15, 2009

Basketball. And Stuff. Inside Stuff.

I hope this Oldie-Olson blog is in allaya'll's Google Readers because I have no other idea how to get the word out. P.S. The bird is the word. P.P.S. Name that bird!

It's NCAA-BB-birds this time of year, and if you want to play BB bracket madness on Sportsline/CBS Sports/Not ESPN then get in line!!!11!!1!

This is called a hypertext link:

It will take you to the bracket madness. This will too. It is called an embedded link. This is a smiley: :)

If you haven't signed up in either of the past two years, you might need a password to get on. I think it was "midwest". Or possibly "mindset". Anyone remember?

So birds and dogs and crocs and uggs alike should join hands and hold hearts and sign up for this thrilling event. I swear to Jesu I'm going to tank this year because I haven't watched a single minute of NCAA-BB since last March. Sweet Jesu is right, motherfrackers! Only one more ep of Battlestar left!

Can't w8!!!!!!!!!