Wednesday, April 02, 2008

some interesting debates out of HC

Don't know if any one else checks HC's website, but they recently did a conference on being a Christ centered institution. For this they held a symposium, online essay forum, and bible studies. Here I want to focus on the essays and one in particular by Del Doughty. The essay is interesting, but more interesting is what follows in the comments section where Mark Fairchild blasted him. I'm not even getting into who I agree with, but just am amazed at the open-aired response of Fairchild.

Also, given our experiences at HC, I was wondering what people here think it means for a college to be "Christ centered," and how HC did or did not fulfill that vision.

Finally, I'd like to point out in connection to Jake's post that CT has a big write up on L'Abri recently.
Also, finally, also i really like Counting Crows, and, though most you probably find them to be a joke, they have a new album out call Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. Buy it.