Friday, October 06, 2006

we were theologians once, and young(er).

I've been rummaging through boxes, throwing away massive amounts of c-r-a-p in preparation for my histor-geographical rendition of the Beastie Boys smash-hit "Body Moving," when I came across on old journal of mine from school (excerpts from which, I must share at some point, due to their awesome ridiculousness). Anyways, it contained a 3X5 note card on which was recorded a note-passing conversation between Jake and myself during Systematic Theology I in the fall of 2001. (I save just about everything, hence the throwing away of massive amounts of c-r-a-p.) What follows is an IM version of what transpired on said note card. The role of Jake will be played by reformedfreak007, while the role of Jonny will be played by pseudoliberal14159.

p.s. This makes more sense if you remember that Theology was taught at the time by Dr. Sanders....

pseudoliberal14159: i should stop repeating things from this class in other classes.
pseudoliberal14159: i said all scripture was historically conditioned in a luke fetters class and that's why he kind of thinks i'm a liberal.
reformedfreak007: well the problem is trying to find a balance. but you are a liberal.
reformedfreak007: i think calvin was 80% right - four out of five points. so i'm 100% right.
pseudoliberal14159: if god wanted to go to the future, just to make sure everything turned out the way he predicted, do you think he would hire a driver?
reformedfreak007: but if god doesn't know where he's going...
pseudoliberal14159: i wonder if god's been to cancun.

{{{End Scene}}}


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