Monday, January 17, 2005

It's a bad sign when...

As evidence that its a good thing, in some cases, that Christians don't think their believes should lead to action, James Dobson appears to have taken the charge to be politically active with a commitment that matches the like of Jim Wallace. Shortly after the election, identified Dobson as someone to "keep an eye on." That article pointed out that the comforting conservative evangelical who has made a killing off of the marital and parenting problems of all of our families has turned his attention to Washington and, although leary of the results, sees himself as taking over where the Christian coalition dropped off.

Whatever reservations the man had back then must be overcome now, just look at this picture leading the NY Times article about his latest proposal. To say the least about his new political perspective, things have to be pretty bad when Chuck Colson (how does he keep coming up around here in a positive light?) is calling you out on it.

"In the aftermath of the election, some of Dr. Dobson's allies are warning their fellow evangelicals not to be seduced by political deal-making. In "an open letter to the Christian church" last month, Charles W. Colson, the born-again Nixon aide and another influential Christian conservative, warned against listing demands of the president or other elected officials.
"To think that way demeans the Christian movement," Mr. Colson wrote with his associate Mark Earley. "We are not anybody's special interest group.""

Needless to say, the extent of Dobson's activities are predictable. Taking credit for something he may have not really done (chasing Tom Daschle out of office) and claiming to do the same to everyone who would oppose the appointment of strict conservative judges, specifically to the supreme court. He names names, threatens, and what not. So the question is this: which is worse, bad discipleship or no discipleship? Either way, if I were Dobson and Colson were calling me out...


At 1/17/2005 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always look forward to the new "Midwest Mindset" posting, as you guys have some great thoughts and articulate them very well.

We are "nobody's special interest group"...I think more people need to come to that realization.

Brook Sarver


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