Monday, September 06, 2004

Eeny- Meeny-Miney- Mo

Well, I am not nearly as educated as Andy on this stuff. I have decided that I can get all the political information I need from watching The Daily Show's political coverage...How is that for fair and unbiased. By the way guys, Andy has posted some good stuff on his site, so make it over there.

I guess I would say once again, how does a Christian vote in this election? Bush and Kerry is a coin flip. I don't believe Kerry is really going to change anything in such a way that I will really notice. Maybe he will try to actually stop killing our troops, which may be a step in the right direction. Isn't it odd that we elect between two guys that come from a couple of the richest families in the world? I mean, do they really have a clue what working class people have to live like. Not just working class like me, but like people that are really struggling? I think Jake said it best when he said that Democrats mess up and actually help poor people slightly more than the Republicans. It just makes me sick that these are our choices. They always will be until Christians open their eyes to the issues that really matter. Maybe War was the best option, because actually looking into "the evildoers" perspective probably would have been much more difficult. We would have had to deal with the fact that we are a people bent on domination, addicted to greed and global control, all in the name of Jesus. We annihilated an entire people group to take over this country and then brought in another whole group to enslave and mistreat through the current day. This is not a Christian nation as is. We have the ability to strive to change that, but with Kerry and Bush as our options, please tell me there is a hope that this could change...Nader is at least honest, but that will not help him in my lifetime I am afraid.

So what do you guys think we should do? I am thinking about writing in Norrie. A pacifist in office, wouldn't that be great!!!


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