Monday, August 04, 2003

yes, gay jesus jokes are right around the corner

4 parter
1)i agree with brians comments. I think it's lame. I think that its especially a blow with it being an episcopal pastor. that might not be fair. i always thought they were supposed to be conservitave. this makes me really think about the need to have a faith based on the bible. it's funny that many times ive thought that nothing really mattered as long as you knew that jc was into you and you were into him. but things like this definately remind me how important it is to know what god really looks like, and what his character is like. that was long and didn't say much.
2)on our previous topic of media. what impact do you think that this new "the passion" movie with mel gibson will have.
3)lately ive been hearing a lot about how its important to live each day for christ rather than having this general view of trying to live a life for christ. i realized that i suck at this. any suggestions. if you want you can email me instead of posting but whatever is cool. whatever. whatever? whatever!
4)my last name is spelled wrong.

oh, and pfieffer got me a bootleg copy of the outhud show we went to(awesome show), if anyone wants a copy of it let me know.


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