Saturday, August 16, 2003 was more like...

i was there, i think. it was a lame swear excuse. i felt like it was that short stint where hulk hogan was throwing ass into every sentence. sometimes even in the middle of words. back to the sermon. he did it twice and the second was an obvious excuse to swear. no point. I think hell sermons are lame. but i also think most heaven sermons are pretty lame to. i guess i think that somewhere out there, there may have been a good hell/heaven sermon, i feel like there are at least three other things you could do a sermon on.
sorry for sounding like a hippie(insense rules or something) but here they are:
1.jesus like real stuff not fake stuff
3.anything else that might be in some way encouraging.

i feel like i sound like a jerk.
oh well.


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