Monday, August 04, 2003

"In the past we've drawn too many lines in the sand, and now we've hit bedrock." -Episcopal pastor

This whole story about the Episcopal pastor/priest is really got my blood boiling.
Just a few weeks ago MSNBC did an article on gays in america and how they would be viewed in the upcoming election and in years to come. I saw it coming a mile down the road when G-dub Bush made an awesome stand for the sanctity of marriage and against homosexual relationships. I then told Leah, the new Christian struggle would no longr the battle for abortion rights (and not to say we need to chuck it by the wayside) but our new moral-ethical struggle as Christians is now saving the sanctity of marriage and dealing with the "homosexual" issue. And now, quicker than i expected, the church itself is in the thick of it...with so-called 'minister of the Gospel'.

"In the past we've drawn too many lines in the sand, and now we've hit bedrock" is what one Episcopal pastor said today. I think he hit the nail on the head. The church, our theology, our moral standstandards, we've compromised at some small level time and time again. Now...we've hit something that is very clear and is a sore social issue. where did we all go wrong?

It's a decently big news story online and in TV, but for myself (and i think the body of Christ in general) this should be HUGE! We're seeing the Episcopal denomination struggle and fight over whether a person living in sin is cool to be a bishop. and also...the media is all over like white on rice....that must tell us something. Is the world waiting for us to screw up? you bet. Is this gonna get bigger? You bet. Is this something we need to care about and be passionate about. yup.
i don't know. i'm kinda mad. maybe i'll collect my thoughts and report later. Peace.


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