Thursday, July 24, 2003

Movies as a vehicle...part III

My thoughts agree with things that both of you said. I think that when looking at how to communicate christ, movies seem like an excellent route to take. I think there are several reasons for this. First, movies are social accepted and expected, and desired. Second, Movies, at least good ones, make you think. Third, the length on time requires people to be intentional about what they are focusing on. I think that all(or at least the last two) of these things are also things that are helpful when learning about that one guy, jesus. As people are getting into jesus its some thing they want to do thoughtfully. i don't know if this is going in a different dirrection but i think its an ok point. I think of those movies that as the credits roll you don't move from your seat, let alone blink. There have been some amazing moment in these times. Sometimes its learning lessons about life, love, or even faith(magnolia). I think if we can create an atmosphere where a movie has impacted you in a way like that but is filled with themes of hope and "real" love, then we are doing a beautiful thing. (for the record, i'm not sure who is implied by we but its cool). Recently i saw both "frida" and "Owning Mahowny". Both of these movies left me just feeling emotionally drained and some how feeling especially sorry for these characters. I think that if a movie can present characters with such a lack of hope, a lack of what jesus has, can be produced. So can a movie that is a good example of what hope looks like. I don't know how this is established because i do think that every "christian movie i have seen has been very far from what i would consider excelence.
On a different note, I think that its hard to say what jesus would have done. I don't know if jesus would have really been that concerned with what the most effective method is. I don't know if he was really focused on a ministry at all. maybe thats not what your supposed to say on a blog with some ministry dudes but i think its a valid statement. While i think that there are things we can do now that are more effective than others, and some of those we can take from jesus, i don't think that jesus' life is where we take our maximum effectiveness strategy from. I think he was all about living life to the fullest. doing whatever he could to see the father glorified. I do think he definatly spoke in parable to make people think, but i guess i picture it being like, so i'm doing all this stuff, suddenly a crowd is around me, well i guess i should tell them something about dads character. I have a lot more thoughts on this. this is my first entry though, and i'm not sure it will work, but i hope this is somewhat thought pravoking, sorry about spelling, rock, hope, roll, Tyler


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