Wednesday, July 30, 2003

in the ghetto...

Good to have you back Dusty. um...i'm thinking about the 'christian ghetto' thing. what do you define as a 'Christian ghetto?" Is it just an environment of all things Christian? Then the antithesis would be 'the big bad scary world?" well...if so...i think that there is a great benefit but also a great dis-service to the name of Jesus. Great benefit in the sense that some people, young followers as well as old, may need that Christianized world to really discover and create their own theyology or doctrine. you know? with hindsight being 20/20... there were points in my life that i dwelled in that ghetto...and that's where the picture became clear for my life. HC for example...really brought all that stuff together and God did a mighty work in my heart and mind. was good.

The negative side, or rather the dis-service, is done is when people, who are probably able, and mature enough (and even led by God) to get out of the ghetto and enter the world to minister, they stay too long in the ghetto and stake up claim in that environment. when we/they fail to realized that the ghetto is not the final dweling place and stay comfortable or in the hood...we miss the point and the opportunity to minister and spread the word. That's where there it may be 'bad'. i don't know. love ya dusty.


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